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The chronicle below is particularly devoted to drawing attention to some famous buildings.

   Prime Minister's Residence - Canada

   Stornoway - Residence of the Leader of the Opposition

   Rideau Hall

   Parliament - Ottawa

   Parliament - Quebec

   Legislative Assembly - Ontario

   Legislative Assembly - British Columbia

   Legislative Assembly - Prince Edward Island

   Legislative Assembly - Alberta

   Legislative Assembly - Manitoba

   Legislative Assembly - Nunavut

   Legislative Assembly - New Brunswick

   Legislative Assembly - Saskatchewan

   Legislative Assembly - Yukon

   Legislative Assembly - Northwest Territory

   Legislative Assembly - Newfoundland

   Legislative Assembly - Nova Scotia

   Definitions of types of buildings

In french, synonymous with castle which is used today only with a shade of irony - an old castle, a small castle.

Fortress surrounded by moats and large walls flanked by towers or bastions. It is said, by extension, a seigniorial or royal dwelling.

Formerly, little castle. The jurisdictions of Orleans, Montpellier, and some other cities were also said.

Place or fortified city.

Small castle, small old style house, especially in the countryside. Sometimes described as "the home of a noble".

In french, luxury hotel.

Formerly, vast and sumptuous residence of a sovereign (king, prince, great personage) but it is also said, in some countries and by extensions : Courthouse, Sports Palace, Palais des congrès. Today it is said of former royal or seigniorial residences that have been converted into museums or used for public services. For example : Schonnbrun Palace.


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