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   Toward noble and royal persons

Many peoples, each day, are wondering about peoples facing the prospect of correctly addressing Royalty and they do not know how to proceed. In response to these peoples, we have provided a complete guide to correct forms of address.

On being presented to Royalty, men ought to bow (from the neck and not the waist) and women should curtsey. Do not offer to shake hands.

   Name Envelope Opening Of Letter Verbal Address

Her Majesty The Queen
The Private Secretary to Her Majesty The Queen

    Dear Sir/Madam on first correspondence and thereafter by name Your Majesty, Ma'am

His Royal Highness
The Duke of Edimburgh

    As above/Your Royal Highness, Sir

His Royal Highness
The Prince of Wales

    As above As above/As above

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal
Sarah, Duchess of York / Sarah, Duchess of York - Madam Duchess

    As above/As above - Your Royal Highness, Ma'am.

In other cases about princely familes : His/her Highness or Royal/Imperial/Serene Highness (depending the calling) and rank.

The Duke/Duchess of Middlesex

    Dear Duke/Duchess

Eldest son of a Duke
Marquess of Milton

    Dear Lord Milton
    Lord Milton

The Marquess/Marchioness of Penzance

    Dear Lord/Lady Penzance
    Lord/Lady Penzance

Eldest son of a Marquess
Viscount Fernhurst

    Dear Lord Fernhurst
    Lord Fernhurst

The Earl/Countess of Wandsworth

    Dear Lord/Lady Wandsworth
    Lord/Lady Wandsworth

The Viscount/Viscountess of Fernhurst

    Dear Lord/Lady Fernhurst
    Lord/Lady Fernhurst

Son of a Viscount
The Hon Victor Family Name

    Dear Mr Family Name
    Mr Family Name

Life Peer
The Lord Bartlett of Grays

    Dear Lord Bartlett
    Lord Bartlett

Children of a Life Peer
The Hon John/Jane of Family Name

    Dear Mr/Miss Family Name
    Mr/Miss Family Name

Hereditary Peeress
Baroness Darlington

    Dear Lady Darlington
    Lady Darlington

Widow of Hereditary Peer
The Dowager Marchioness of Speedwellt

    Dear Lady Speedwell
    Lady Speedwell

Some widowed peeresses prefer to be styled with their own first name e.g., Dorothea, Duchess of Speedwell.

Former Wife of Hereditary
Serena, Countess of Danby

    Dear Lady Danby
    Lady Danby

If the former wife of a hereditary or life peer marries again, she will of course take the appropriate name and style of her husband.

Life Peeress
The Baroness Bright of Barchester

    Dear Lady Bright
    Dear Baroness Bright
    Lady Bright
    Baroness Bright

Dame Daphne Smith

    Dear Dame Daphne
    Dame Daphne

Widow of Baronet
Dowager Lady Black

    Dear Lady Black
    Lady Black


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