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Welcome to our distinguished visitors !

To have a better understanding about royalty, nobility or monarchy is not something new. Because we are talking about a governmental system, peoples have an interest to be fully aware about the exact function of such government and their difference from a country to another. The goal of this website is not to glorify or to support the Windsor family, but rather to support the institution of monarchy.

Amongst them, we have Canada and its monarchy. Meanwhile its sovereign lives in United Kingdom, he/she is always the Chief of state. The canadian monarchy is fully democratic and parlimentary, leaving a large margin to Canadian government to operate. In some other countries, the sovereign is absolute and he choses who he wishes for the management of his government (like Brunei or Saudi Arabia). But it is totally false to pretend that monarchy is strangling peoples. It might be the case for Henry VIII at his time but not today. In our days we have more flexible and adapted monarchy, very aware about modern life and practices. No matter what some peoples can pretend.

Today's monarchy is not an impediment for developement of a country and it's very efficient and performing. And we benefit from the security provided by a permanent monarch. The Sovereign represents the people toward the government and this one has the responsability to protect people from abuse of the government. On the other hand, in a constitutional monarchy, the King/Queen does not do everything he/she wants. He/she has some limits to respect and he/she has the traditional right to "advise, listen and warn" and he/she must be aware about all important decisions and files from the government. After First World War, many monarchies have been removed and those who stayed have been able to adapt their constitution to the modern life. This kind of monarchy has been abale to accept the normal evolution of peoples.

On the other hand, contrary to a Republic's President (like France, USA etc.) the Sovereign will insure the continuity in a time schedule. He/she is always aware about important files and he/she acts to push these files up to their conclusion. That is not the case for a president. When his period will be ended, he will return to the everyday's life and another president will come with his idea and knows how.

Finally, many peoples always criticize the cost of a monarchy ; but, have you ever tought about the cost for an elected Prime Minister or a President ? So we hope sincerly that this site will help you to have a better understanding monarchy and royalty thru the time until today.


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