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   The Royal Society of North America

The Royal Society of North America has many goals, but first of all, let us tell you something. Many peoples know that Canada has a monarchy (constitutionnal) alias, British. For those that are not aware about what is a Constitutional Monarchy (by opposition to an Absolute Monarchy), let's say that the powers of the Sovereign are limited by the Constitution but also guaranteed by this one.

   It is a admitted that...

... a constitution regulate the powers of the King (or Queen) but powers of that person are very wide and the Monarch uses them at his (her) discretion, as often as necessary.

But to have a Monarch at 5000 kms from here (and a British one) is not always for the best. All that has always been a source of problems for our both peoples (french and english)... Remember, Quebec was formerly the "New France" colonial state (Royal of origin). But we will be back later on that question.

   Yesterday like today...

... all of those that were in the neighbourood of the Royal Court were noble.

Many of them inherited their titles at birth, some others by the King himself etc. This practice exists always today but with a wider range because of many changes in the International Protocol and Salic Law or other Nobility's rules. So, more peoples today, can be honoured.

In fact, after the last two World Wars, many royals and noble families were conscious that their number was decreasing. So, many changes have been done to increase this number in a way to keep nobility well alive and active. For instance, even today, a non-reigning Prince can transmit titles or create new one! It was not possible in the 19th century. It is also a common practice today, that a nobleman marry a commoner.

So, she will inherit her husband's title (and their heirs too). In Middle-Age, it was almost a crime for a nobleman to marry a common woman. But now today, we can have titles transmitted bt the following means : marriage, birth, sales, honour, adoption, filiation, etc..

It is an important point for the transmission and the maintain of nobility. So, one of the goals of the R.S.N.A is exactly to promote the nobility and royalty and we wish also bring all noble persons living on our continent, toward a central point of meeting and brotherhood and to bring citizens toward an interest for nobility ; a subject not much discussed !

   Who are noble persons ? Where they are ?

... where can we find them ? Of course, some are more visible than others and some others are involved in many domains : politic, social affairs, economical matters. On the other hand, their nobility statue does not mean that "they are sit in a castle in doing nothing" !

A large number of them are in business, enterprises, governments, United Nations, consultants and some others, are living on the "Family Treasure". A point to mention : it is not rare to see a noble "Lend" His (Her) name for a prestigious product : perfumes, furnitures, event, art gallery, etc..

Loyalty, Humility and Service


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